Oberndorfer SA was founded in 1991 as a subsidiary company of Eduard Oberndorfer Strumpffabriken GesmbH, born in 1958 in Wels, Austria.


We are an SME in the Textile Sector, located in the area of Vale do Ave, North of Portugal, which produces and sells tights, socks and seamless articles for Men, Women, Children and Baby.


In 1987, the high cost of production of tights and socks in Austria, led the Austrian Company to design their relocating to Portugal, which came to realize later with installation of two production units, one of which Oberndorfer SA.


In 1997, the Oberndorfer SA became independent through a process of MBO (ManagementBuyout). The company acquired its own means of production through the purchase of industrial machinery installed in the parent company in Austria, which was relocated to Portugal, and later a part to Hangzhou, China.


With a set of machines versatile and competitive, we are able to perform the most demanding orders.


"Our extensive experience in international markets is the guarantee of quality that we offer."